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Working principle of carburetor
2019-12-20 20:20:13

Working principle of carburetor

Motorcycles used to be an important tool for our travels, but with the rapid development of automobiles, motorcycles have gradually been replaced. Nowadays, except for racers and young people who like motorcycles, few people choose and buy them anymore, but motorcycles are still synonymous with handsomeness and coolness. It runs very windy, handsome, and as fast as the wind. This It is also why some young friends like it. Motorcycles and cars cannot do without the support of the engine, and the engine cannot do without the help of the carburetor. If the carburetor of the motorcycle does not have a heart, it will not beat. One might ask, how does a small carburettor work on a motorcycle?

The carburetor is essentially a tube with an adjustable plate in the middle called a throttle plate to control the flow of air through the tube. The throat has a constricted section called the throat, where a vacuum is created. The constricted part has a measuring hole through which vacuum oil can be sucked.

Motorcycle carburetor looks complicated, but with a little understanding of the principle, you can get the best of your bike. All carburetor works on the basis of atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is a powerful force that exerts pressure on everything. It doesn't change much, but it's usually 15 pounds per square inch. This means that atmospheric pressure is 15 pounds per square inch. By changing the atmospheric pressure in the engine and carburetor, the pressure can be changed and fuel and air can flow through the carburetor.