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Why is the carburetor cheap?
2019-08-07 13:56:53

Why is the carburetor cheap?

Once the motorcycle implements the national standard of demanding emissions, the carburetor motorcycle will withdraw from the historical stage.

However, it is still in a transitional period, and most of the current roads run by ordinary motorcycles are mainly carburetor. In contrast, carburetor motorcycles are much cheaper than EFI cars.

This transition period may still be a long period of time, especially in small cities and townships.

The carburetor is a relatively delicate part on a motorcycle. Of course, she is not as delicate as people think.

I don't know if you have found a situation. The earliest 50-stroke car often needs to wash the carburetor. It may be washed several times a year. But after the four-stroke engine motorcycle, there is very little need to clean the carburetor. Except for vehicles that are not riding for a long time.

About 20 years ago, at that time, a carburetor, just a few hundred pieces, and some models of carburetor even thousands. Then people can't say to change a carburetor at will. And even if the year of use is long, the main hole of the carburetor is worn, and the repair kit will be purchased to replace the broken hole. The carburetor can be used as usual. Of course, this repair kit is not cheap, one or two hundred dollars, but compared to thousands of dollars, one or two hundred dollars is still relatively small. People are also willing to pay this kind of money. This carburetor is better than the cheaper carburetor that has been replaced. Now that the cheap carburetor has a warranty, after the replacement, the general customer reaction fuel consumption will be larger than before. This is mainly related to its process and is cheap. The truth of a penny is never out of date.

Repair kits and oil needles are also available for sale.

The current motorcycle air intake is relatively high, and the road conditions are much better, not so much dust, and the purity of gasoline is also much better than before. Therefore, it is generally rare to wash the carburetor. Of course, if the adjustment does not work, the valve needs to be cleaned and the mixing ratio is readjusted.

The adjustment of the carburetor is very important, directly affecting the vehicle's idle speed and acceleration performance. It is generally not recommended for friends in the non-maintenance industry to adjust easily.