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What are the symptoms of dirty carburetor
2019-07-03 16:13:48

What are the symptoms of dirty carburetor?


Under what circumstances, tell you to wash the carburetor?

(1) It is not smooth in refueling, and there is a sense of oil cut-off in urgent refueling with load.

(2) The needle valve of carburetor has blocking phenomenon, such as carburetor oil spill phenomenon when parking for a long time, or the carburetor is released for a long time, and the startup has shooting phenomenon. The phenomenon of "car shock" that can't return mail, etc.

(3) Idle speed is unstable, or idle speed is stable, but often refueling and flameout.

(4) The exhaust of the car is black smoke.

If idling speed is unstable or flameout, oil leakage occurs in the tubing of carburetor bottom shell.