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The carburetor can be adjusted in the following steps?
2019-07-15 16:21:13

The carburetor can be adjusted in the following steps?

1. Check the connection of the connecting parts related to the carburetor to ensure that the carburetor is inhaled normally and there is no air leakage.

The phenomenon of inspiratory blockage.


2. Rotate the carburetor more clockwise than the screw, then rotate it 1.5 turns counterclockwise.

3. Start the engine and let the engine warm up for 10 minutes to make the engine reach the normal T temperature.

4. Adjust the idler adjustment screw of the carburetor to minimize the engine speed and keep it from extinguishing.

5. Adjust the carburetor mixing ratio screw repeatedly to make the engine speed reach the highest. In the process, some

Friends will find that the mixing ratio is adjusted to a certain position, then rotate the mixing ratio screw counterclockwise, the idle speed will not change any more.

At this time, the mixing ratio screw can be stopped at the position where the idle speed has just been adjusted to the maximum.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to make the engine idle.

7. Quickly turn the throttle handle, violently refuel, then loosen the throttle, in the process, observe the engine acceleration

And whether the deceleration is smooth, if it is stable, the adjustment is successful, if it is not stable, 鳆 4 to 6 steps until the engine is added

The deceleration is smooth.

8. When the engine is idling, it should be kept for 5 minutes without turning off the flame. After the idle speed is adjusted, some vehicles may have a low idle speed.

At this time, the idle speed should be slightly increased, and it should be kept at 1000-1500 rev/min. Because the idle speed is too low, the high-speed driving pine oil

It may turn off when idling, because the air pressure at the high speed is reduced, which affects the gasoline supply of the carburetor idling hole.