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Is the distinction that electric spray and carburetor supply oil?
2019-07-13 09:02:38

Is the distinction that electric spray and carburetor supply oil?

Efi system was not invented, carburetor oil supply, developed later because of the expensive, only in high-end car assembly, with carburetor co-exist for a long time, carburetor, as the name suggests, the oil melt, melt is not possible, is to make gasoline mixed with air, after mixing, can enter the cylinder combustion. Liquid gasoline cannot burn when it enters the cylinder. Carburetor is also a complex equipment, don't look so small point, divided into starting device, main oil supply device, enrichment device, acceleration device, and idle device, work together to make the engine normal operation, oil supply process, is not electric, say electric injection. Efi, just as its name implies, the electronic injection, gasoline pump the gasoline pumped from the fuel tank, maintain a certain pressure, supply nozzle, engine computer according to the crankshaft position sensor signals, combining with the engine temperature sensor, determine the current engine temperature, and air intake pressure sensor or air flow meter, determine the volume, and throttle position sensor, throttle opening is determined, according to the real-time condition, the intake stroke in a cylinder with the appropriate oil, spray into the engine intake manifold, close to the location of the inlet valve, gas mixed with air in the moment, sucked into the cylinder, compression work, Exhaust pipe near the ternary catalytic also equipped with oxygen sensor, detection of oxygen content in exhaust gas, if the oxygen content is too low, show a rich mixture, high oxygen content, mixture a lean, oxygen sensor signal to the engine computer, the computer will fine-tune injection according to the signal, maintain the best air-fuel ratio, than with efi system, carburetor oil supply is rapid, it is difficult to maintain the increasingly stringent emission regulations, efi is based on the current operating mode, real-time injection appropriate fuel, fuel consumption is lower than the carburetor, strong power, low emissions than carburetor, country as early as in 2000, is no longer a carburetor car production. To now, should be no carburetor car on the road to run, by the number of years are scrapped.