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How often does the motorcycle carburetor clean?
2019-07-27 09:50:27

How often does the motorcycle carburetor clean?

The motorcycle carburetor is generally cleaned once every 7,000 kilometers. The normal maintenance of the carburetor is actually to maintain the cleanliness of the carburetor at the factory. This is controlled by a professional manufacturer of carburetor as a key indicator of carburetor quality assessment, using various advanced equipment and processes. Every aspect of production is strictly controlled. In order to ensure the normal use of the carburetor, the carburetor must be properly maintained.

Regularly clean the carburetor to keep the carburetor oil passage and air passage clean and the small hole diameter smooth. This is also very important to extend the life of the carburetor. Many carburetor performance problems can be solved by regularly cleaning the carburetor.

As a sophisticated mechanical device, the carburetor plays an important role in the engine and can be called the "heart" of the engine. From a professional point of view, the carburetor itself has a very low failure rate. However, in actual use, the carburetor failure rate is not low.


There are two reasons for this:

1. Since all operating characteristics of the engine are related to the carburetor, such as acceleration, transition, fuel consumption and so on. Therefore, when judging the cause of the performance failure of the motorcycle, the failure of the electric device or other mechanical components is often confused with the carburetor, and the carburetor is replaced by a carburetor failure. For example, if the filter fails, the impurities will block the carburetor, and the replacement of the new carburetor will be eliminated, but the fundamental problem is not solved.

2. The quality problems of related parts and components have greatly shortened the service life of the carburetor. Such as the reduction of cleanliness, increase the wear of carburetor parts and so on.

There are several common fault phenomena in motorcycle carburetor: starting difficulty, unstable idle speed, poor transition, insufficient power, oil leakage, high fuel consumption, etc. The above only selects the carburetor faults for analysis. However, in fact, from the perspective of the whole machine, there are many factors that cause the above-mentioned malfunction phenomenon. If starting is difficult: the ignition system is turbulent, the spark plug electrode gap changes, etc. will cause difficulty in starting.