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How is the carburetor model compiled?
2019-07-22 09:38:42

How is the carburetor model compiled?

When many people look at the carburetor model, they often don't know much about the digital combination of the model. Now let the professional manufacturer of the carburetor, Kunfu Vehicle Parts, tell you how the carburetor model is compiled. ?

      The carburetor numbers are from left to right:

      1. Carburetor model: M means diaphragm type, does not indicate float chamber,

      2, air flow direction: s means suction type, P means flat suction type; does not indicate lower suction type

      3, throat form: z means plunger type; D means equal vacuum type, B means ram type, does not indicate fixed throat type 4, mixing chamber outlet size: use the diameter of the mixing chamber outlet mm, which is an integer; For elliptical equivalent conversion 5, according to the installation method: J means clamp type; D means hanging type; does not indicate flange type (flange type) 6, series symbol: no symbol indicates basic type; use A, B, C , D.. indicates the order of deformation


      Therefore, if the number on the motorcycle carburetor is PD25GWQEZ1, it means that the float type, flat suction type, vacuum type, and mixing chamber outlet diameter are 25mm, and the latter may be the factory standard, which is not within the national model.