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Common trouble with carburetors
2019-09-28 21:11:38

Common trouble with carburetors

Carburetor as a precise mechanical device, its important role on the engine can be called the "heart" of the engine. From a professional point of view: carburetor itself failure rate is very low. But in practice, the failure rate of carburetor is not low. There are two reasons:

1. All operating characteristics of the engine are related to the carburetor, such as acceleration, transition, fuel consumption and so on. Therefore, when judging the cause of the performance fault of the motorcycle, it is common to confuse the fault of electrical parts or other mechanical parts with the carburetor, and misjudge it as the fault of the carburetor and replace the carburetor. For example, the failure of the filter causes impurities to block the carburetor, and the replacement of new carburetor eliminates the fault, but does not solve the fundamental problem.

2. Quality problems of related parts shorten the service life of carburetor. Such as the reduction of cleanliness, increase carburetor parts wear and so on.

Several common fault phenomena of motorcycle carburetor are: starting difficulty, idling instability, poor transition, insufficient power, oil leakage, high fuel consumption, above only selected carburetor fault analysis. But actually, from the point of view of the whole machine, there are many factors that cause the above fault phenomenon. Such as starting difficulties: ignition system disorder, spark plug electrode gap changes will cause starting difficulties. Such as idling instability: motorcycle machine factory in order to reduce the engine cylinder head sound, often the engine valve clearance adjustment is too small, resulting in the deterioration of the engine intake and exhaust status, the occurrence of idling instability or even no idling phenomenon. The user should analyze according to the vehicle breakdown condition.