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​Carburetor for large lawn mower
2019-07-09 09:14:55

Carburetor for large lawn mower

Honda's 1990-1991 lawn cleaning tool, the tractor, is equivalent to a large lawn mower, making the garden and lawn simple.

Honda engine has a large sales volume in the world and is ahead of other products. Many countries and brands make Honda engine as a model. The lawn looks overgrown and messy. As the owner of the lawn, he must feel upset instantly. At this time, he needs a tool to clean the lawn and make it look clean and comfortable. At this time need to use the lawn tractor, make the lawn garden become orderly, look at the green one, happy mood.

Honda this lawn tractor feels pretty, matte red, with a black and white hood at the back. This model of '90 years, with practical outline design, looks quite good, this hood is used for riding grass. Why do so many people buy Honda? Because can save time, technology, innovation, of course, advertising is essential, expand the publicity market. The H4013 lawn tractor USES a small vertical gm Honda GXV390 engine (389cc, 23.7cu-in) and a 965mm belt-driven mower platform with adjustable heights of 25mm to 96mm. The Honda GXV390 is a cool, single-cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine with a vertical pto shaft. The GXV390 engine has an OHV (overhead valve) design and two valves, an advanced intake system and a porous exhaust system. The 88mm internal cylinder force and 64MM piston stroke make the total motor displacement 389CC. The pressure ratio was 7.7:1. The Honda GXV390 engine produces 13HP (9.7KW) at 3600 RPM and 28Nm (2.8kg.m 20.3ft.lb) at 2500RPM. Honda H4013 adopts constant mesh transmission and key shift type. The transmission has five forward gears, ranging from 1.7KM/h to 7.6 KM/h (1.1 MPH to 4.7 MPH), neutral gears and single reverse gears, 3.6KM/ h (2.2 MPH). The size (length, width and height) is 1815*1270*1050MM, the wheelchair is 1190mm, the weight of the whole vehicle is 246kg (kg), the size and pressure of the front wheel are 15*6.0-6 and 98KPa, and the size and pressure of the rear wheel are 20.5*8.5-10 and 78KPa. The oil capacity is 1.1L.

Honda H4013 tractor inside a part should pay attention to timely replacement and inspection, the first is empty filter, empty filter problems will be replaced directly, the price is also cheap, the air filter is to clear the air dust, sand, ensure the cylinder into sufficient, clean air. Clogged air filters will make the machine roar muffled, slow acceleration, acceleration weakness, relatively high water temperature, increased fuel consumption, and acceleration of the exhaust smoke thickened. Cylinder damage can occur if air filters are not used. According to the experimental results, if the air filter is removed during use, the engine cylinder wear will increase by 8 times, the piston wear will increase by 3 times, and the piston ring wear will increase by 9 times. Air filter MPN of Honda H4013:17210-zf5-505, suitable for the following models of Honda gxv270/340/390 and Honda H2013. No matter it is a tractor or motorcycle, car, air filter is very important, if the problem or use of a long time, will take the initiative to replace, the price is not expensive, a good air filter can make the car less pollutants, fresh air, mainly can make the use of the time longer, reduce the loss. It is carburetor next, carburetor appears small problem, it is gasket and empty filter thing, this is very simple, can start to replace, but if appear to leak oil or position is adjusted, float type is without oil, be about to ask special master to move start work, oneself operation is very easy damage.